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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Still Sitting Watch

Heartbreak, originally uploaded by WindSwept Dawn Photography.

the Flickr member who posted this foto writes,

"A gravestone that I came across while walking through the cemetery. All it says is "baby" across the top and "1918" on the side. No name or anything. Breaks the heart to think of the poor little nameless baby. "

yes, it is sad. But it would appear that the parents grieved him or her aptly, noted by the aged angel that still sits watch all these years later. Back then, it wasn't the tradition to name a stillbirth or early infant death. Plus, this stone appears to be of standard stock which parents would have had to pay extra for additional engraving. Our cemetery's full of temporary markers that never get replaced with permanent headstones. At least back then a temporary marker was made to last a a century--nothing like today's laminated paper in a bent frame that doesn't last the summer.