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Friday, August 28, 2009


, originally uploaded by spotboslow.

It's places like these that I love the most; so serene & majestic. I've said before & I'll say it again, anyone who claims to believe in the Resurrection needs to be paying better attention to the cemeteries. For it is there that the "dead in Christ" shall rise first. It's there that we should be keeping a watchful eye and investing more of our time, efforts & resources to proper cemetery upkeep! Believers who walk away from the cemetery without a second care clearly indicate to the World that they don't understand the slightest bit of the Resurrection we hold so dear. It's truly the most tragic example of the unbelieving Church.

How very tender...

Dear Prudence, originally uploaded by Cul 9.

Watching Over Thee

Watching Over Thee, originally uploaded by funygirl38.

from back in the good old days when you could plant flowers at a graveside without getting hassled by the cemetery maintenance crew. I've come to loathe where my girls are buried more than words can express!

Cemetery Fence

Cemetery Fence, originally uploaded by funygirl38.

Union Cemetery, Fort Edward, NY. Isn't it just lovely; no one puts work into their tombs like this anymore!

Cemetery Fence

Cemetery Fence, originally uploaded by Rhonda in TN.

Old cemetery fence in Woodbury, TN.

.Angel Kisses

., originally uploaded by Mcklein73.

Oh what a Glorious Day when the Trump sounds and the Dead in Christ will come forth from their slumber...John 5:28-29

Lovely Iron Work

Rest In Piece, originally uploaded by lukar14.

Gettysburg, PA Dedicated to: Sarah Jennings

A Sunny Summer Angel

Angel, originally uploaded by elycefeliz.

Calvary Cemetery, a Roman Catholic cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio, contained 13 acres of ground. It was opened in 1865 by the Catholic Calvary Cemetery Association, consisting of members of St. Francis De Sales Church. The first burial was that of an infant, Catherina Hoffstedde, in 1865.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Abigail's Bunny

Abigail's Bunny, originally uploaded by 2QTsInHeaven.

My baby girl has her very own graveyard rabbit. He's a cute little guy that we catch sitting on her headstone quite frequently. Sadly, they made us remove the gorgeous guara butterfly plant. I hate having my children in the cemetery. I've grown weary of groundskeepers who don't care and cemetery owners that are merely out to make money. The cemetery where our girls are buried boasts about how they give burial plots for children under two for free. What they don't tell you is that the baby plots are in an area that's rather like the welfare section--no proper weeding; no proper tree maintence. One family put in three lovely willows and the groundskeepers killed all but one. Then in an effort to save the remaining tree, the family installed a memorial stone around it to keep the groundskeepers from chopping the crap out of the tree base. There were some lovely bushes along the wall that near the street, but they chopped all those down leaving the unsightly stumps. Weeds grow there and they never take any of them out like they do in the paid areas. It's sad that we parents come along and try to tidy the place up and make it nice, only to be told not to. Yes, their plots may be free for the babies, but we pay in so many other ways.