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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas Box Angel of Hope Monument

Here's a few pix of the burial yard where we're seeking to have the Angel of Hope Monument added. This section is called the Garden of Innocents and is set aside from the rest of the cemetery exclusively for children two years of age and younger. Both of our girls are interred here and are the subject of most of my photos. In addition to the Angel of Hope monument that we hope to add, we have also added an absolutely beautiful granite bench that sits along the entry path. It's our life aim to make the Garden of Innocents a lovely & peaceful place where parents can find solace & comfort as they pay their respects to their children. We're working closely with the Daniels' Family Funeral Services as well as the Christmas Box Angel of Hope coordinator. We're all very excited at the possibility of bringing an angel monument to the New Mexico region. The closest monument to us is in Pueblo, CO and thus we are all very eager to finally get one established here. Of course, any & all donations are extremely appreciated. On behalf of bereaved parents everywhere, we thank you for supporting our cause. May the blessings be returned to you a hundred fold.