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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Cross

Cross, originally uploaded by ratsal adsand.

Here's another of those heart breaking examples of vandalism that I was talking about earlier. It's clear by the damage on this headstone that someone or several someones have made their attempts to lop off the cross.

Of course, the vandals didn't count on the sculpture to be a composite of various stone compounds built around an iron framework. Most folks don't stop to think about the cost of headstones (until you're buying one). To make a marker such as this in one solid block of marble or granite would be far too expensive for most, and too fragile to withstand the longevity of the graveyard.

Thus, when these clodhoppers took their hammers to the cross topper in their attempts to desecrate the marker, they were ultimately foiled by the iron support within the composite concrete. They most likely brought injury upon their persons trying to take that cross off, and yet they still could not prevail.

Principles of The Cross:

1-- The strength of His Holy Spirit within is what sustains us in our most broken & lonely moments.

2-- The Cross and it's power of salvation can never be taken down no matter how hard vandals try--and they will try.

3-- It's true that neither death nor life can separate us from the love that is in Christ Jesus.