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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Granada Cemetery in Nicaragua

This foto is truly stunning--a travel photo from one of our cemetery group members at Flickr. I love meeting people willing to share travel photos--reminds me of the days when my grandparents would have slide-show parties after they'd been on an extended RV trip. Flickr is a great way to see people's slide shows of places you'd never get to see otherwise.

Anyway, this foto is lovely. But when I was looking at it more closely, I realized that there was a travel advert plastered all over the base of the monument--painted on. Now, I realize the cemetery is probably a serious part of their history, and I'd naturally want to be among the thousands of travelers who want to visit the place. But they couldn't have made a sign and posted it somewhere other than all over the base of such a gorgeous piece of art ??? (not to mention the death memorial of whomever is buried there)??? I'm just rather gobsmacked...