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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The mourning bunny

The mourning bunny, originally uploaded by ratsal adsand.

While this is not my photo, it reminded me of the rabbits that live in our cemetery--the cemetery where my baby girls are buried. Our desert bunnies are a smaller breed than this big fella. But they are so sweet and wonderful. I love that they live in the bushes where my girls rest. Sadly, one of the baby bunnies got nipped by a car back in the summer. He hobbled to a spot not too far from Anne and we found him not too terribly long after it must have happened. We buried him in a spot off the path. I cried for weeks for that stupid bunny. I don't know if the bunny family grieved for their loss, but I do know that I saw a lot less of them after that. We shall see what happens when a new litter occupies their time... waiting for spring...